The Ultimate How-To For A Simple Halo Eye

Hi, Loves! I did this makeup look a couple days ago and I got a comment from a coworker on it. She said, “I LOVE your halo eyeshadow! I always want to do it, but I feel like I’m too fair skinned for that dark of a shadow and I can never get the middle blended right.” So I figured if one of my coworkers felt intimidated by a halo eye, chances are some of you do too. So I wanted to give you guys a step by step on how I achieved this simple halo eye. Let’s go.

Okay, so I always like to start with brows. I used ABH Dipbrow Pomade in the shade medium brown, then used Gimme Brow from Benefit as Brow Gel. Next, I used Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair to prime the eyes. I set my eyes with Wet’N’Wild single shadow in Creme Brûlée. Then I grabbed my Makeupgeek x Mannymua Palette. I’m sorry this was limited edition and it’s sold out now, but I linked it so you can get similar shadows. Any shades that contrast will work. First, I went in with Frappe in the crease. (Bet you couldn’t have guessed that.) Next, I grabbed a shader brush, one that wasn’t too small so I could still kind of blend a little bit, but also not so big that I couldn’t put the product where I wanted it. I went into Aphrodite, putting that on the inner and outer corners of my eyes, slightly blending all the edges of it, including slightly into the crease. I went back in with Frappe to ensure there was no harsh lines. I cleaned up my inner corner of my eye sockets very carefully, so I didn’t take away any shadow I didn’t want to, but I wanted to brighten that area up. For that I used the same Tarte Shape Tape Concealer that I used for my face. Then I went over the Frappe again to ensure blending. Then I went in with Artemis on a shader brush in the center of my lids, making sure to blend it into the Aphrodite I just laid down. I used my finger and intensify the center of the halo. Then I went back and forth between the brush I used for Aphrodite and the brush I used for Artemis, blending until I was pleased. Then I went over Frappe one more time, but to make sure everything is blended and no color was lost in all that blending between the darker and lighter shades. I took a small, flat edges brush and stamped some Aphrodite along my lower lash line, very close to the lashes. It’s okay if it’s a harsh line of dark at first because then I take a pencil brush and blend that Aphrodite out with some Frappe. Then I highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with Marshmallow from my ABH Sugar Glow Kit. Next I lined my waterline with MUFE Aqua XL Eye Pencil. I curled my lashes and applied my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. Then I grabbed my TF Cocoa Contour Kit. I contoured using Medium Cocoa and bronzed using Dark Cocoa. For blush, I used my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade Paaarty! ( which I would’ve linked but it was LE for Sephora’s Birthday Gift a couple years ago) I used my ABH Sugar Glow Kit to highlight. I mixed Marshmallow and Butterscotch. I love the way those look together.

And that’s how I easily did this halo eye! Did this help any of you guys that struggle to do this kind of look? I hope it did! I get intimidated by certain makeup trends myself and I wish someone could teach me! Thank you guys so much for reading and hanging out with me today. Y’all are the best! I’ll see you soon! 😘

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How To Blog No 3

Hello, lovelies. I wanted to do another post in my How To Blog series. This is the third installment of the series. Check out How To Blog No 1 and How To Blog No 2 for more tips! Let’s get to it!

Today’s tip on how To Blog is going to be batching. Batching is when you do things in batches. For example, when I take photos for my blog, I don’t just take photos for one post, but several. And when I write, I write until I don’t want to write anymore. When I have an idea for a blog post, I start the post, and when I’m done writing or have to go do something else, I save the post as a draft so then I can go back to it and finish it later. I usually have at least 5 drafts in the draft folder at all times. Then I’ll go and take all the photos for all the posts I’m writing so I can insert them when I have time. This makes it a lot easier because I can blog any time and anywhere. If I’m at work, I can just pull out my phone and write till my hearts content. Or I can insert photos and finish up a post so I can schedule it to be published. Also, I don’t have to get out my whole setup for photos more than once a week or so. I can just set up the lights and the flatlay background or props or whatever else I need for the photos and take all the photos I need, instead of having to setup 5 or 6 times a week.

I hope you guys liked this installment in the How To Blog series and I hope I could help make blogging more convenient and easier for you guys. What are your blogging tips? I always want to hear tips that make my life easier! Thank you all so much for reading and hanging out with me today. I’ll see you all soon!

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A Dry Faced Person’s Guide to Makeup

Hey, friends! I hope you are all doing well. Today I wanted to share how I do my makeup being that I have extremely dry skin. I’ve learned from trial and error, and I want to share my secrets with you. Let’s get started.

1. Always moisturize! It makes a difference!

The number one thing I can say about helping dry skin is obvious- moisturize!! Especially right before you apply makeup. This will help your skin not look “cakey” when you apply foundation and concealer. I usually moisturize, do my brows and let the moisturizer sink into my skin, then moisturize again before applying any face makeup. It makes a difference!

2. Try to stay away from matte products

Any products with a matte finish are usually very drying. Think of liquid lipstick. The ones with matte finishes irritate and dry out your lips right? Same goes for foundation. Dewy products are your friend.

3. Illuminating primers/moisturizers are life

Illuminating products that are used before face makeup are going to help your skin look more plump and hydrated. They wake your skin up and help you look more healthy. They also help matte foundations look less matte. Illuminating products help a lot!

4. Beauty blenders are your best friend

I’ve found that foundation and concealer stick to dry spots on your face a lot more when you apply them with a brush instead of a damp beauty blender. It just gives you an airbrushed finish and doesn’t suck any moisture out of your already dehydrated skin.

5. Avoid baking your driest areas

For me, my driest parts of my face are on each side of my nose and right between my eyes. So when I bake under my eyes, I make sure to not put too much powder in my problem areas. I only lightly powder them. Just enough to set the base makeup. That way your skin doesn’t look cakey and the powder doesn’t suck up what little moisture you have left in your skin.

That’s all I’m going to say for today. Let me know if you guys liked this post and I can do another one! What are some of your tricks for making up a dry face? Thanks so much for reading and hanging out with me today, guys. See ya soon!

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10 Of My Fave Makeup Products From 2018

Hello, loves! I hope this post finds you well. It’s the beginning of 2019, so I wanted to share my favorite products from last year with you guys! This is everything, from drugstore to high end, new to old. This isn’t just the products that launched this year, it’s everything I’ve been loving in my collection. Let’s get into it!

1. Dream St Palette

This is a collab from Colourpop x Kathleen Lights. I’ve raved about this palette on my blog before, and I stand by every comment. I love this palette! It’s my comfort zone of a shade range with some room to play with color. And the best part? It’s only $16!

2. The Sephora Collection Lip Balms And Scrubs

I tried these earlier this year and I’ve been LOVING them! They feel so good on the lips and leave them feeling plump and refreshed! Plus, they’re only $6!

3. Lashes from Dollar Lash Club

My favorite style is definitely Robyn. They are dramatic and really noticeable, but not over the top. I just love these so much! And, they’re only $1!!

4. BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick

This is my go-to when applying lipstick. It’s in the shade Bo$$ and it’s the perfect shade for almost any look. It can go with more dramatic makeup, or even minimal makeup. It’s comfortable on the lips, and long wearing!

5. The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

I feel like this palette has everything to a palette could have to offer. There’s a mix of finishes, a mix of colors, decent pan size, decent price, and amazing performance. I mean what else could you ask for? And it’s only $38. (Cheaper with an affiliate code like JACATTACK.)

6. Colourpop Super Shock HighlightersSpecifically in the shade Flexitarian. I absolutely love this shade! Especially with Champagne Pop from Becca Cosmetics over top of it. It makes it look wet because it’s so shiny and reflective. So beautiful!

7. Marc Jacobs O!Mega Coconut Bronzer

I am in love with this bronzer. It makes bronzing the face so easy. It blends so easily that you don’t even have to blend really, it just melts perfectly into the skin. It also smells amazing!!

8. L’Oréal Glotion

This is an illuminating moisturizer that you apply before any other face products. It gives you that “glow from within” look and just brings life to the skin. Absolutely gorgeous!

9. The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Master Brush Collection

This one is a pretty penny, but I really do love these brushes! It’s a complete kit of brushes for anything you would need a brush for. If you can afford it, I definitely recommend checking it out!

10. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Of course I had to include Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer. It’s full coverage and basically crease proof. I use this for everything! To prime my eyes, to conceal, to cut my crease, everything. It’s a must have for sure!

So there it is, my top 10 most loved makeup products of 2018. Do you like any of these products? What are your faves of 2018? I’d love to know in the comments! Thank you all so much for reading and hanging out with me today. See you soon!!

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Hello, dolls! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about some of my favorite products on here so I thought I’d give that a go. Let’s jump on in!

First is Black Opium perfume by YSL. I love this scent!! It’s warm and woodsy and spicy almost. I’m sorry, I’m bad at explaining scents, but I love this one!

Second is Black Orchid perfume by Tom Ford. This one smells different right when you spray it than it does like an hour or so later. When you first spray it, it reminds me of cherry flavored cough medicine, but like an hour or so later, it reminds me of a feminine version of my husbands cologne. Very sexy.

Third, is 3 lip products. I’ll talk about them each, one by one.

This is bareMinerals gen nude matte liquid lipstick in the shade Bo$$. This lipstick is so comfortable and lightweight, but also long wearing. I love that I don’t have to worry about touching it up while I’m at work!

Then it’s Buxoms plumpline lip liner in Hush Hush. This is a very complimentary shade of lip liner for most of the lipsticks I use on a regular basis. I don’t notice any plumping properties, but it’s creamy and easy to use none the less. It also has a brush on the other end so you can blend the liner. Very handy!

The last of the lip trio is the bareMinerals gen nude lip gloss in Sugar. This is really nice to just throw on top of any nude lipstick to give it a more hydrated feel and a glossy look. Love these! And they smell so good!

Next is Hoola bronzer by Benefit. I like to use this bronzer because for my skin tone, I can contour and bronze with it at the same time. It’s quick and easy and convenient and beautiful. It blends very easily!

Then I’d like to mention Highbeam liquid highlight by Benefit. I got this in a highlighter pack of Sephora Favorites a while ago and I haven’t used it because I like blinding highlighter, and this just isn’t it. But lately I’ve been mixing this into my moisturizer to make my own kind of illuminating moisturizer or into my foundation to give myself a dewy finish. I’ve been loving these!!

Next I have a super shock highlighter trio from Colourpop. I’ll go through each of them.

Flexitarian is my favorite out of the three. It’s so bright and beautiful but not too overpowering. It’s hard to find that for my skin tone, but colourpop has done it again!

Next is Double Down. This is the darkest out of the three, but it almost comes off as transparent. Almost like you have water on your cheek, just glistening and being beautiful.

Stole the Show is the lightest of the three. It’s almost straight white, but it’s very complimentary to my skin tone. It’s beautiful on the eyes as a highlight as well!!

I like to use these on their own, but I also like to put some warm toned powder highlight on top. My favorite combo is flexitarian and champagne pop from Becca. Here’s swatches of all three with champagne pop on top of them.

Lastly, I want to talk about the Sephora Collection lip balms and scrubs. These are my absolute favorite lip products right now! They smell good and moisturize so well! I definitely recommend picking some up. Maybe you should do it soon. Before I buy the whole stock. Haha.

And that’s all of my favorites as of lately. I hope you guys enjoyed reading today. Have any of your tried any of these products? Did you like them? I’d love to hear about it below! And what are some of your beauty faves as of lately? Thanks for reading and hanging out with me today, guys. I’ll see you soon!

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Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Master Brush Collection Review

Hello, loves. I know this is really late, (Like 4 months late or something.) but I snagged The Master Collection from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill brush collab. This was so hyped up so I want to share my thoughts on it.



When it came in the mail, it was in this beautiful glitter case with the Morphe logo on the front. I love the case. It’s simple and dainty. Each collection (face, eyes, then the left overs to complete the master collection) were each in a sealed, clear plastic bags. Each of the brushes were individually wrapped also.


I love the simplicity of these brushes. They have white handles with silver printing on them. Each one says, “Morphe x Jaclyn Hill” And has the brush number. The barrel of each brush has “JH” printed on it. Some are synthetic hair, some are natural hair I believe so some are different colors. The look of this collection is so sophisticated and classy. Very aesthetically pleasing.


For this section, I’m going to go through brush by brush and tell you my thoughts on it. I’ll group these into face brushes and eye brushes.

Face first!

JH01– A huge, fluffy powder brush. I really like this for setting powder. Especially illuminating setting powder like the ELF one I love so much and have mentioned here a million times. It’s so big that it gets the job done quick, but evenly and beautifully.

JH02– This has quickly become my favorite bronzer brush. It’s fluffy enough to blend bronzer beautifully, but it’s pinched so it distributes the product more precisely.

JH03– To be honest I don’t think I’ve used this brush because I think it’d be good for cream contour or cream bronzer. I use powder products for the face usually, so I haven’t used it. It’s dense but longer hairs so I think it’s blend cream products beautifully.

JH04– I used this for blush for a while before switching to another brush in this collection for blush. It’s okay. Your standard angled blush brush. Nothing amazing.

JH05– I like to use this brush for contour. It blends like a dream and is easy to use. I like to use this with Hoola Bronzer because I use that as bronzer and contour. This brush blends so well that it’s easy to contour and then drag that product up to bronze as well.

JH06– This is the brush I switched to for blush. It applies it so evenly, it looks airbrushes. I used to use this brush to wipe away bake from under my eyes but now I love it for blush!

JH07– I use this brush to apply and wipe away bake from under my eyes. Also to clean up contour along the jawline. I like this brush but I think it would be easy to find something similar.

JH08– I’ve used this brush to apply contour and to wipe away bake before too. It’s nothing special if I’m being honest.

JH09– Perfect for powder highlight! I always apply my cream or liquid highlights with a micro beauty blender, but I always apply powder highlights with this! It’s small enough to be precise, but fluffy enough to blend evenly.

JH10– I like to use this brush to contour my nose. It’s a really go brush to get any defined line, like the outer edge of you eyeliner, or something like that.

Now for eyes!

JH30– I would say this is one of the stand out brushes of the collection. It is the perfect brush for blending a big area or applying color to a big area. I like to use this brush to set concealer or primer on my eyes. Works great!

JH31– This is one of the blending brushes of this collection. It’s domed so it’s perfect for blending colors in the crease. You can lay color down with this or just use it to blend. I’d say it’s a standard blending brush.

JH32– I like this brush for deepening up the crease because it’s a pointed blending brush. It’s more precise than a domed blending brush, but it blends as well. I really like this one.

JH33– Just like the JH31, but this one it pinched, so it’s a tiny bit more precise, but blends just as well. It’s less precise than the JH32.

JH34– This is a domed blending brush, but it’s a little smaller and more tapered than the JH31. Its a little better for smaller, detail work.

JH35– If the JH31 and the JH32 had a baby, this would be it. It’s slightly pointed, but not extremely, making it the perfect brush for the crease.

JH36– I like to use this as my “clean” brush. I never dip this in product. I just use it to diffuse edges so there’s no harsh lines. It’s a blunt, flat top blending brush. Not uncommon.

JH37– This is a more dense blending brush. I like to use this to pack some color onto the outer corner and then blend the same shade into the crease.

JH38– I really love this brush! It’s a pencil brush but it’s longer hairs than usual so it blends shadows on the lower lash line unlike anything I’ve ever used. Amazing!

JH39– Your typical domed pencil brush. Nothing special. It works just like you would expect it to.

JH40– A smaller pointed, tapered blending brush. Great for deepening the outer corner. I love this brush. Sometimes I even use it to really smoke out the lower lash line.

JH41– A small concealer like brush. I really like this brush for applying cream shadows like CP super shock shadows or even the textured/multi-reflective shadows in the Huda Beauty palettes.

JH42– This is a tiny shaded brush basically. Really only good for highlighting.

JH43– This is a straight, blunt liner brush. I like to use this to apply deeper shades to my lower lash line. Then use the JH38 to diffuse the darker shade with a lighter shade. It’s good, but pretty standard.


I really love this brush collection! There are some brushes that are unlike any other brush I’ve ever used or seen anywhere else, and others are pretty common and you could find from any brand, even drugstore. With that being said, I do think all of these brushes are necessary in any collection. This would be perfect for someone just starting out or just getting really into makeup, because it’s all the essentials and they’re quality brushes. I think this is a good collection, but maybe not worth $165. $100? Yes. Maybe $125. But almost $200 is crazy.

And that’s my thoughts on the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Master Brush Collection. Have you guys used these brushes? What do you think of them? Or would you ever buy them? What do you think of the price? I’m so glad you guys hung out with me today and read this post. Thanks again and I’ll see y’all soon!

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Urban Decay Moondust Palette Review + Swatches

Hi, ladies and gents! I hope you all are doing wonderfully today. I know I’m late to the show with this one but I wanted to share my thoughts on Urban Decay’s Moondust Palette. I had always eyed this palette and never bit the bullet to buy it. One day my coworker told me she had a palette she bought for herself but once she got home, the colors looked different and she wasn’t really into them. Then she hands me this.

I was floored when I saw the Urban Decay palette she was handing me. I knew the color scheme of the palette was a little “out there” but I was still so excited to play with it! Let’s jump into the review!


The outside of the palette goes really well with the whole space, sci-fi kinda theme. The outside is covered in silver/gray glitter, but it has a coating on it so glitter doesn’t shed. I love that! It’s very simple in the design. Just the name of the palette and brand name. The back has the ingredients, shelf life, weight, and all that fun stuff. The inside has a nice, big, sturdy mirror. I definitely appreciate that. A good mirror can make a palette feel a million times less cheap. The shadows are evenly spaced, not too close to each other, and the shade names are printed on the palette under each shadow. I appreciate that as well. It does have a magnetic closure, which I’m pretty happy about. That’s better than no closure for sure.

Pigmentation/Shade Description:

Okay, so for this I’m going to go by row. Top row first, left to right, then bottom row left to right.

**Note: Every shadow in this palette has glitter in it, so I’m not even going to mention that in my descriptions.

Specter– This is a light pink/peachy shade. It’s not very pigmented. I was kinda disappointed with it because the first time I used this palette, I had put a darker plum shade on the outer corner and thought this shadow would look beautiful on the inner 2/3 of the lid, but it didn’t perform like I hoped. Maybe a spritz of setting spray on the brush would help it but I haven’t tried that yet.

Element– I think this might be one of my favorites from this palette. It’s a beautiful burnt orange shade. This looks stunning in a halo eye! I’d say it has standard pigmentation for an eyeshadow like this.

Magnetic– Magnetic is a dark, plum color. This would be beautiful in the outer corner if you aren’t afraid of some sparkle in the crease. I just wish it was a tad more pigmented.

Lightyear– I wish all the shades in the palette were this pigmented! It’s like the base color in this shade is a little more opaque, but it makes the whole shadow perform and look better. I love it!

Granite– This is a stunning charcoal gray color. Really pretty for a dark smokey eye. It’s not very pigmented but I still like it.

Lithium– A gorgeous chocolate brown. I love smoking out the lower lash line with this shade.

Vega– Vega is a bright royal blue. Very pigmented and very pretty.

Galaxy– I would describe Galaxy as a black base with different color glitters that almost make it look duochrome. Very pretty.

Wear Time:

These shadows actually don’t have the best wear time despite the palette being Urban Decay. I was very surprised by that. I noticed the glitter falling off slowly but surely and eventually you could barely see the glitter and the base color was wearing off too. That is after a full day though.


In the pan the shadows feels silky smooth and soft and buttery. On the kids they feel a little gritty, just because of the glitter. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad feeling. It’s just something I noticed.


I like the palette. I do wish it was a little more versatile. Like you can’t do a whole look just using this palette, but the shades are pretty for pops of color or something like that. It definitely isn’t my favorite, but I’m glad I have it. I can see why people didn’t go crazy over it.

These are some of the looks I’ve done using this palette. What do you guys think? Have you ever used this palette? Did you like it? Would you ever purchase it if you haven’t used it? Thanks for hanging out with me today and reading this post. I’ll see you guys soon!

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My Winter Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin (And Why You Should Do It This Way Too!)

Hey, guys and gals! I hope you all are doing fantastic today! When I was taking off my Christmas Light makeup look, I was thinking about how good my face feels when I go through my skin care routine, but specifically I wanted to mention how I wash my face. Double cleansing is my face washing method of choice! I wanted to share that with you guys because I love how clean my skin feels after! I find that I have less breakouts and makeup even applies better the next day when I do this routine. You know, the skin is a big part of what makes you look your age. If you don’t properly care for your skin, you’ll age quicker! Alright, let’s dive in!First, I start with a cleansing balm. Cleansing balms you usually use dry, so start with dry hands and a dry face. my favorites are Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm and Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. I use a generous amount and rub it all over my face but mainly focusing on the eyes, because that’s where I wear the most makeup. Rinse with warm water.

Next I use a gel cleanser. I like cleansers that don’t dry out my face because I have dry skin anyway. I really like Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Rainforest of the Sea or Lancôme Miel-En-Mousse Cleansing Makeup Remover With Acacia Honey. I dot the cleanser all over my face and use my Foreo Fofo to help clean my skin thoroughly. I rinse again with warm water and pat dry.

If I have any residual makeup under my eyes, then I’ll use a cotton swab with a little Vaseline to remove it.

Next, I tone using a very hydrating toner like Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner or Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater because those don’t have alcohol or any other drying ingredients.

After that dries, I use a serum like the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum or Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum.

Then I use a facial moisturizer. I like to use something that’s very moisturizing like First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration or Dr Jart Water Drop.

After that, I go in with an eye cream. I really like Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb.

Finally, I apply lip balm. As y’all know, some of my new faves are The Sephora Collection Lip Balms And Scrubs, but I also love Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy.

And that’s my night time skin routine during the winter with dry, sensitive skin. I just love how cleansed and purified my skin feels after double cleansing. What’s your skin care routine? Do you use any of these products? Do you like them? What’s your skin care routine? I’d love to find out in the comments. Thank you guys so much for reading and hanging out with me today. I’ll see y’all soon!!

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Glam NYE Makeup to Make Sure You Stand Out in Any Crowd

Hello, loves! I hope you’re all doing well today, on New Years Eve. The other day, I saw some New Years Eve makeup looks on Instagram and it reminded me of a look I did a couple months ago. I thought I’d share it with you guys because I think it’s really pretty. Let’s get to it!


BrowsABH Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown, Ulta Clear Brow Gel.

PrimerTarte Shape Tape Conealer in Fair.

Shadows– I pulled out my Huda Beauty Textures Shadows Palettes Rose Gold Edition. I used the original, but that’s discontinued, so I linked the Remastered version.I set the concealer with Bae and then went into the crease with Sandalwood. I deepened up the crease and outer corner with a mix of Henna and Coco. I put Bossy in the outer corner and then I went back into Coco, just to intensify that outer corner a little bit. For the glitter, I used Still Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma. I used a concealer brush for a more precise application and put that all over the inner 2/3 of the lid, using my finger to blend the outer edge into the darker shades on the outer corner. I used the leftover product on the brush I used to apply the darker shadows to the outer corner and went over those shadows. I just like to make sure I didn’t lose any color in that area as well as to blend that line a little more for a seamless gradient from glitter to matte shadows. Then I jumped to the lower lash line. I got a dense, small shadow brush and put a little bit of Coco all along the lower lash line. It’s okay if it’s a harsh line of shadow because next I used a fluffier pencil brush and use Sandalwood to blend it all out. I lined my waterline with MUFE Aqua XL Liner in Matte Black. I pulled out my KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper and lined my upper lash line and winged it out. I curled my lashes with my Tarte Lash Curler and applied L’Oréal Lash Paradise. I popped on lashes from Dollar Lash Club in the style Robyn. Finally, I put Moondust on my brow bone and inner corner then put a little Shimma Shimma from MUGover the Moondust on my inner corner.And we’re done with eyes!


FoundationMUFE Ultra HD Foundationin the shade R230 mixed with a little High Beam from Benefit.

ConcealerTarte Shape Tape Conealerin the shade Fair.

PowderLaura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

Contour/BronzerTF Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection. I used Medium Cocoa to contour and Dark Cocoa to bronze.

BlushTarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr Blush in the shade Paaarty!. The shade was exclusive for Sephora’s birthday gift of 2017, so I just linked the general product. I’m sure there’s a similar shade.

HighlightBecca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Champagne Pop.


BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Bo$$. And there you go! Ready for even the best New Years Eve Party! I love the drama of the lashes and liner with the pop of the glitter. Glitter always screams holidays and party to me, so this seemed perfect. How do you guys like this look? Have you done any NYE makeup before? I’d love to hear about it or see it in the comments below. Thanks for reading and hanging out with me today! I’ll see you guys soon! Let’s be friends!