Surrogacy Saturday No 10

Hey, pretties. Today is the tenth installment of my Surrogacy Saturday series. I really hope you guys are enjoying these posts. I mean I am getting good feedback, so that's good. So my last post was the birth story. Not much happened between then and the next part so I'll just do some highlighting of that part.

The Boring Months

So I had Ava and got discharged from the hospital the next day. I pumped for A & D for about a month and a half or so. Then I went back on birth control and supply basically vanished. The first few weeks were a rollercoaster of emotion as my hormones were getting back to normal. This is completely normal. I remember 3 days after Ava was born, Nick went back to work and the kids were with his mom. It was my first time alone at home since she was born. I got in the shower and started sobbing. That scared me because I had to check myself. Was I crying now because of hormones or did I miss the baby? I asked myself if I wanted Ava there and to take care of her. The answer was no. I was happy about that. I mean I didn't think I would have that kind of reaction but then again I had never experienced it before, so I was kind of nervous. But all went well. I still talk to A & D and get pictures of Ava about once a month or so. She's almost 18 months old now and so adorable. So that's how my first journey went.

At my postpartum appointment I asked my doctor about my belly button. It had been hurting like right above my belly button for a while and I didn't know what was going on. I thought it was just my muscles getting back to normal after pregnancy, but I figured it should have been back to normal by then. My doctor said I had an umbilical hernia and referred me to a general surgeon. I made an appointment with him and he said it could be fixed. It was caused from my abdomen stretching too much when I was pregnant with Ava. I had surgery in mid May of 2016 and all is well on that front now. Recovery was horrible but I got through it.

A few weeks after Ava was born I started thinking about getting pregnant again. At about 3 months postpartum my agency called me and asked if I wanted to do another journey. I told them I would talk to Nick and get back to them. I wanted to do another surrogacy and wanted another of my own, so it was just a matter of which to do first. (All of that had some talking with Nick obviously. He's half of my decision.) Nick and I agreed that I would do another surrogacy and then we would try for a keeper baby. I called TPI back and let them know I was ready to start the process.

That's where I'll stop for today. I'm sorry this post was a little all over the place. I skipped back and forth through the timeline. Thank you all so much for reading. Tune in next week for some more exciting stuff. See you tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Surrogacy Saturday No 10

  1. This continues to be such an amazing story! You’re incredible Cassi 🙂
    Although I did make a loud noise as umbilical hernia. Does that mean part of the umbilical cord was still there and messing things up?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!

      Oh no! Basically I had a hole in my abdomen wall right above my belly button and some of my intestines were starting to protrude out of the hole causing pain and a small bulge right above my belly button

      Liked by 1 person

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