How I Care For My Bi-Racial Daughter’s Hair

Hello, beauties. I’ve never really struggled with anything as hard as I did when my daughter was born and her hair got longer than about 2 inches. Haha. She is bi-racial. Her Daddy is black, and I’m white. Her hair is dry and frizzy if not maintained properly, ridiculously curly, and absolutely beautiful. Just like her.

See, her hair is curlier, drier, and more frizzy than any hair I had any experience with. I tried products I already had for my hair like Garnier Frutis hair oil stuff and some other products like that, but they just weren’t enough. Her hair would look like I had applied no product to it. I tried “ethnic” products like olive oil hair lotion and other products along those lines, but those were too much for her hair. Her hair ended up looking greasy, the way it gets if it isn’t washed enough. (I promise I wash her hair regularly. I only know it gets like this because of an asthma attack one time that landed her in the hospital for about a week.) So for a while I was stuck. I couldn’t find a happy medium for her hair. I started looking online and I saw some names pop up that I’d seen at Target before like Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture. I went to Target and ended up buying a few different products. I’ve liked them all, but I have to say, my favorite is the kids leave-in conditioner by the brand Mixed Chicks. It what I use now and I love it! I find that it defines the curls, making them tight and perfect, while moisturizing the hair to stop any frizz from starting in the first place, but not over moisturizing to make her look greasy or dirty in any way. If she’s on second day hair (I wash her hair every 3 days) and needs a little pick me up, I’ll use a hair oil of some type or a little coconut oil to try to help the dryness or frizziness. 

Okay, onto the routine. So first of all, I never brush her hair unless it’s wet. That’s curly hair 101. When I give her a bath, I wash her hair with moisturizing or anti frizz shampoo. I use conditioner sometimes, but I find it weighs down her curls if I use it too much, so I try to stay away. I do however use a hair mask on her hair about once a week. I usually just use whatever I have from my subscription box, but if I run out I’ll just get something from Target or Walmart instead. I find that it really helps with de tangling and moisturizing those crazy curls! And when she gets out, I towel dry her hair just a bit, not too much because it’ll start air drying before I can get it all the way brushed. I also use a paddle brush from Aveda. These are expensive, but so worth it! And they last forever! This is how it looks straight out of the tub. Next I start brushing it slowly and gently, starting from the bottom and working my way up. This is after I got it all brushed. Next I take a few pumps of the leave-in conditioner from Mixed Chicks, rub my hands together, and run it throughout her hair. I start with the ends, to ensure I don’t get too much product in the roots. I scrunch her hair up with the product in it. This leaves the curls moisturized and perfectly formed. And this is the final product! Sorry for the blurry picture, I couldn’t get her to stop moving. Haha. 

That’s all I really do to take care of my daughters hair. I hope I helped someone. Whether it’s for your own hair or a new mother looking for a solution for her child and any situation in between. Thank you all for reading and see you tomorrow! 

31 thoughts on “How I Care For My Bi-Racial Daughter’s Hair

  1. crystalsandcurls says:

    Aww – this is adorable. You’re a great mum for taking the time to look into how to properly care for her hair – take it from a mixed race girl with similar hair, you’re helping her out SO MUCH. My mother had no idea how to deal with my hair so I HATED it until I was like 12 and old enough to research it myself. It may sound weird, but if you ever want any haircare tips from a mixed girl (with 8 mixed race baby cousins!) for mixed hair feel free to ask I’d be happy to share advice 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brittney Ross says:

    She. Is. STUNNING! I die. I think this is incredibly helpful. I know so many people that struggle with this so it’s nice to see someone going through it who has tried a variety of methods! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lifeofangela says:

    Well done for working out how best to look after your gorgeous daughter’s hair!! I imagine it would have been difficult at first, but looks like you got a good system going on. That picture of you and your hubby is so cute!! ❤ I can feel the love. If you don't mind me asking, what's your hubby's and little lady's name? I like knowing people's names in the picture, but if you don't feel comfortable sharing, then all good 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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